Roadmap out of lockdown - reopening businesses and venues in England

Guidance detailing the steps to reopen certain businesses and venues in England can be found at

Closing certain businesses and venues in England

Guidance setting out restrictions on certain businesses and venues in England during coronavirus restrictions can be found at

Relaxation of planning regulations for licensed premises to operate as takeaways

Planning regulation has been changed to enable restaurants, cafes and pubs which do not currently offer delivery and hot food takeaway to do so. The legislation can be view at

If you are intending to provide food as part of your delivery/takeaway service, you should contact the council’s regulation unit regarding food safety. They can be contacted by email at

Temporary Event Notices

If you have applied for a Temporary Event Notice that will have to be cancelled due to the current circumstances, please notify the department as soon as possible.

Guidance on reopening pubs, bars and restaurants

Government guidance for how to keep the public and workers safe during Covid-19, in restaurants, pubs, bars, and takeaway services can be read at

It is the responsibility of business operators to ensure that they have considered the risks and put in steps to manage them in the same way as any other health and safety risk that is identified in your premises. The risk assessment should be created in consultation with workers and unions where appropriate. The local authority is not able to provide opinions or input into the creation of a premises risk assessment and are not able to approve risk assessments under any circumstances. Additional advice on how to assess risk within premises can be obtained from

The government have issued further guidance on how to maintain records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace. This can be found at

Premises licences

Applications for new premises licences or variations to current premises licences should be submitted, where possible, via the website or by email to Forms for these applications can found at A link for payment can be sent to the applicant when the application has been received.

Current notices and applications

Licensing notices for pending new/variation premises licences, together with further details of these applications can be viewed in the public notices section of our website at

The licensing register at the bottom of this page shows all applications which have been issued under the Licensing Act 2003.

Personal licences

In the current circumstances we are allowing personal licence applications to be submitted online. If application forms and all the required supporting documents can be scanned and emailed to we can then send a link to applicants so that all applications can be paid for online.

Other licensing application types

All applications can still be applied as normal. These can be submitted via GOV.UK where possible. Forms for all other applications can found on the licensing section of our website and can be emailed to the department. A link for payment can then be sent to the applicant.

Whilst we can do so we will post out hard copies of the licence. If this is no longer an option, please ensure you submit a valid email address with your application, so we are able to email a PDF version of the licence and the hard copy will follow in due course.


The licensing team is responsible for the administration and enforcement of a wide range of licences, permits, consents and registrations. You can use this section to apply online for various licences, or find out general information about licensing regulations.

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