Housing strategy

Amber Valley Borough Council's strategic housing role comprises the following:

  • assess and plan for current and future housing needs of the local population across all tenures
  • make the best use of existing housing stock
  • plan and facilitate new supply
  • plan and commission housing support services linking homes and housing support services
  • work in partnership to secure effective housing and neighbourhood management

Although Amber Valley Borough Council no longer owns any council housing it retains a strategic housing function as described.

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The council has a duty to assess housing need within Amber Valley, including the housing needs of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, teenage parents, people with chaotic lifestyles, BME groups and people with mental ill health.

The council commissions a housing needs assessment every four to five years that provides detail about housing need in the area.  We also work with the authorities within our housing market area (South Derbyshire and Derby City) to commission a strategic housing market assessment.  The latest version of both of these documents is available from this page. 

The council also keeps updated housing needs data at ward level that is available to partner organisations on request.

To support Amber Valley Borough Council perform its strategic housing role research projects are undertaken to develop an understanding of the housing stock and socio-economic context of the local population. Research evidence assists the council in making strategic decisions over affordable housing needs, the best use of existing stock and the facilitation of new affordable housing supply.

Documents available to view:

The council has developed a number of housing and housing related strategies which include:

The council has endorsed the Derbyshire, county wide Older People’s Housing Strategy. This strategy can be accessed on the DCC website at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/olderpeopleshousing. The council is working with partners to develop a more detailed local action plan.

Officers at Amber Valley Borough Council have worked with colleagues in Derby, Derbyshire County NHS and Derbyshire County Council to set out the relationship between housing and health. A document has been produced entitled ‘achieving healthier homes in Derbyshire’. 

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