The examination library contains documents which support the Amber Valley Borough Local Plan and may be used as reference documents during the examination hearings. It will also list documents related to the examination and will be updated as the examination progresses.

The examination library has been broken down into different sections, listed below, which contain the documents.

* Please note that documents AV/05-6a supersede documents AV/02-3

The council is preparing a draft schedule of main modifications to the Local Plan (AV/08), which is a working document and will be finalised after the examination hearings are complete. The council will raise any suggested main modifications at the appropriate hearing sessions.

*Please note that document AV/09 supersedes AV/04. The revised document now includes page numbers and make a number of minor corrections to the wording under the  following sub-headings: Somercotes Hill, Somercotes (page 12); Whysall Street, Heanor  (page 13); Asher Lane Business Park (North), Ripley (page 14); Radbourne Lane (North), Mackworth (page 14) and Radbourne Lane  (South), Mackworth (page 15).

*Please note that document AV/25 supersedes AV/18. The revised document now includes percentages for completed dwellings and for dwellings with planning permission in respect of each of the locations.

*Please note that these are for illustrative purposes and are only examples at this stage.

*Please note that document AV/35 supersedes AV/05 and that documents AV/36, AV/36a and AV/36b supersede AV/10, AV/10a and AV/10b respectively.

*Please note that typographical errors in AV/38b, AV/38c(i) and AV/38c(ii) have now been corrected to accurately reflect the site assessment matrix tables 8 and 9 in AV/38.

please note that this is the correct version of this document, which was published on 31 July 2018 alongside the notice of referendum

Copies of 'duly made' representations received following publication of the Pre-Submission Local Plan (Regulations 19 & 20), together with representations received after 14 December 2017 which the inspector has accepted can be viewed below.

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