Twice-weekly rapid testing

Amber Valley residents are now able to access twice-weekly rapid tests which are a vital tool in helping to identify cases of Coronavirus which would not otherwise be found.

At the same time, you are reminded that should you test positive for Coronavirus or are identified as a close contact by the NHS Test and Trace, and have to self-isolate, you could be eligible for a payment of £500 from the government if your ability to earn a living is impacted.

With 1 in 3 people with Coronavirus showing no symptoms and potentially spreading it without knowing, twice-weekly rapid testing enables those cases to be found and prevent the spread of infection.

There are a number of different ways to access twice-weekly rapid testing, including

  • Community testing - at Wilmot Street Centre in Heanor
  • Workplace testing - many local employers are offering this facility
  • Pharmacy collect - you can go to a pharmacy and pick-up a box of tests to use at home - pharmacy site finder
  • Education - secondary and college students are already being given tests to use at home twice a week
  • LFD Direct - for people who can’t access tests through other routes you can order of box of tests online or by calling 119

If you have to self-isolate, you can find out more about the £500 government payment on our test and trace support payment page.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 or email