New sweeper is cleaner and greener

The first battery-powered precinct sweeper is now cleaning up on the streets of Amber Valley.

The borough council has taken delivery of the sweeper to replace the previous diesel model in Ripley Town Centre. The sweeper represents the latest step on the council’s path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and will also contribute to cleaner air within Ripley Town Centre by removing the emissions caused by the earlier machine.

Additionally, the new sweeper is far more efficient than the model it has replaced and includes new features such as an on-board pressure washer, so that bins and benches can be washed down as part of the normal town centre cleansing regime. With far fewer moving parts, it is also likely to be more reliable and should be  cheaper to run in both fuel costs and ongoing maintenance.

Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, cabinet member for the environment, commented: "Taking delivery of this first electric sweeper is another positive move in the drive towards our target of carbon-neutrality by 2030. We are also looking forward to the increased performance levels that this machine will deliver."

Scott Copeland, one of the council’s Town Centre Operatives, who is a common sight in Ripley, commented: "I’ve been really impressed with how the machine works and it will definitely help me improve how I’m able to do my job. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try the machine out before the council to committed to buy one and I knew within the first few hours how much of an improvement it is."

Pictured, Scott Copeland on board the new sweeper, with Councillor Trevor Ainsworth.

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