New appointment to help council tackle climate change and fuel poverty

The fight to reduce carbon emissions in Amber Valley has received another boost with the borough council’s appointment of Climate Change and Fuel Poverty Project Officer, Tom Bromley.

The post was created in line with the growing focus on the need to reduce carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty and will help to attract funding into Amber Valley to be directed to supporting residents to improve the energy efficiency of their home, particularly those communities that are more likely to experience fuel poverty.

With the pandemic having forced so many to spend more time at home, helping residents to stay warm affordably continues to be an important part of the council’s work. On 17 March the cabinet approved the council’s affordable warmth plan and delivery of this plan will be a key part of the new role.

The new role will also assist in delivering projects funded through the Green Homes Grant programme that is available in 2021. This is aimed at making homes more energy efficient will help with energy bills but also help residents to install new forms of heating that do not rely on fossil fuels.

A key part of Tom’s role will be to build a comprehensive database of the energy efficiency of the housing in Amber Valley, how homes are heated and what scope there is for supporting communities to take steps to access funding. This will involve houses across all tenures and is no easy task and with many conservation areas, a World Heritage corridor and lots of older properties to take into consideration. The council recognises that supporting rural communities that are unable to access cheaper forms of space heating will be important, and the role will seek to develop specific projects designed to support those communities.

The new post will also support work to reduce the council’s own carbon emissions from its own properties, and in doing so, save money on energy.

Commented Leader of the Council, Councillor Chris Emmas-Williams: "I am delighted to welcome Tom Bromley to the council. His appointment is further evidence of how hard the council is working to help communities reduce carbon emissions while at the same time looking to support those households that are struggling to keep warm. Declaring a Climate Change Emergency was a key priority for us but we knew we would not be able to hit the 2030 zero target without working closely with partners. We also needed to set the right example for the borough as a whole, and I’m delighted to say we are excelling at both, and this appointment will give us the extra capacity to contribute even faster."

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