National empty homes week

National Empty Homes week is 15 – 21 February. This is an opportunity for local authorities across the country to raise the profile of empty homes and highlight the work being done to reduce the number of long-term empty homes.

Amber Valley Borough Council takes a pro-active approach to reducing the number of long-term empty homes within the borough. The council works with owners and developers to look at way’s properties can be brought back into sustainable use, often after being unoccupied for an extended period. The council continues to utilize both informal and more formal enforcement measures to achieve reoccupation of these neglected buildings.

More recently, the council has been working with Action Housing, a local social housing provider. Action are running a scheme to lease empty properties from owners to use as much needed affordable housing for local people. Over the past year Action, working with the council, have secured a number of long-term empty properties on long term leases now occupied by local residents. More properties are currently being assessed for suitability on the scheme in the year ahead.

If you are a property owner and may be interested in the scheme, please find further details in this private sector leasing leaflet.

If you would like to discuss other options for your property or to report an empty property in your community, please email or call 01773 841340.

Need further help or information?

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