Firework advice on pets

Even though Bonfire Night will be very different this year, the RSPCA is still worried about the distress that fireworks can cause pets and has issued advice to help keep people and nearby animals safe.

A recent RSPCA Survey found that 62% of dogs and 54% of cats show signs of distress linked to fireworks. However, there are lots of simple things that pet owners can do to help their animals cope with fireworks better and keep everyone safe.

The RSPCA’s advice includes:-

  • Only buy from licensed sellers
  • Stick to celebration dates
  • Be considerate – let neighbours and nearby animal owners know if you intend letting off any fireworks
  • Keep pets safely inside with places to hide and give small animals lots of extra bedding and nesting material to burrow in
  • Don’t disturb wild animals, horses or farm animals
  • Follow the instructions

More information on pets and fireworks can be found at

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