Covid Support Wardens playing their part in Amber Valley

Amber Valley Borough Council’s recently-appointed Covid Support Wardens, along with Environmental Health Officers have continued to work closely with other partners such as the Police, Trading Standards and the Health and Safety Executive to provide support and advice to businesses and individuals around compliance with the tier 3 Covid rules. 

The wardens, who have been funded by Central Government, have been engaging with those businesses that are legally allowed to trade and checking on complaints and queries from the public about possible breaches of the legislation. 

To date over 300 business support visits have been made across the borough with the wardens’ presence being well received by the vast majority of individuals and businesses. The council’s team has also responded to 27 specific complaints about premises not complying to the rules and given advice where appropriate. The more serious breaches have been referred to Environmental Health Officers, the Police and Trading Standards for further action.

Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council, Councillor Chris Emmas-Williams, said "We now find ourselves in a position where each of our individual actions has the potential to impact other people and either help or hinder our ability to suppress this virus and keep people safe. 

"Most people are doing the basics well - washing hands, covering their mouth and nose, and keeping a space between themselves and others. If we can all take these basic steps it will help us keep the virus in check, protect the NHS, and save lives."

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