Council Tax collection best in county again

Council Tax collection in Amber Valley is once again the most efficient in Derbyshire, councillors will hear at a meeting of the borough council’s cabinet on 17 March.

Last year the council’s revenue section collected over £74 million council tax and sustained excellent collection rates of 98.7%, making the authority not only the best in Derbyshire but the 19th best throughout the country. It also collected £32.5 million business rates.

The council is the collecting authority for the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, and the County Council, and currently has a share of 9.3% of the total collected for its own services.

The cabinet report also notes the collection performance was in part due to the Revenues Collection Manager’s attendance at court every month for liability order applications and fortnightly for committal applications, to ensure that monies owed to the council are recovered. It is also noted that referrals to Enforcement Agents (formerly known as bailiffs) is done only as a last resort.

Another positive development is that an additional 4,000 council tax payers have opted to pay by direct debit in the past three years, assisting the council’s collection process but also benefiting residents who have found it easier and cheaper to pay in this way.

Commented, Leader of the Council, Councillor Chris Emmas-Williams: "At a time when finances are stretched it is doubly important that we efficiently recover the money owed to the council, to ensure none of our residents has to bear the burden of bad debts. I am delighted that our officers have once again demonstrated great efficiency in collecting council tax. I am also confident that we have robust systems in place to assist anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to pay their council tax."

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