Council plans for reception re-opening

Amber Valley Borough Council’s Town Hall reception in Ripley will re-open in July if government guidance permits and major construction works are completed by then.

The reception has remained closed throughout the pandemic with the council following government instructions to work from home if at all possible. This instruction is still in place but will be reviewed on 21 June. Should the instruction be removed at that point more council staff will begin to return to the Ripley offices and reception.

However, major construction works have been taking place at the council’s headquarters over the past 12 months in preparation for new tenants, the council’s NHS partners, to occupy part of the building. Those works will be completed shortly and the building will be opened to enable access to the services being provided by the NHS.

The final stage of the construction works will involve changes to the reception area to ensure visitors to both the new NHS facilities and the council can be accommodated without causing any undue confusion. Interview room facilities will also be improved and a payment terminal installed which will be able to handle all payments. it is hoped these works will be complete during July.

The council would like to thank all its residents for utilising its website to access its services and the 80 customers who normally pay using cash, for using alternative payment methods, during the pandemic.

All of the council’s services can be accessed online at

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