Code of conduct - apology from Councillor Oakes

In April 2020 numerous code of conduct complaints were made relating to Facebook comments made by Councillor Sheila Oakes (a member of Heanor Town Council and Amber Valley Borough Council). The alleged comments were about the Prime Minister, who at the time, was ill with suspected Covid-19 and had been hospitalised. Those alleged comments will not be repeated here.

At its meeting on 7 October 2020 the council's standards and appeals committee resolved to accept the following apology from Councillor Oakes made at the time to be placed on its website.

"I understand that people are upset and I apologise. It wasn’t a very nice thing to say, even in anger. I was wrong and made a mistake. I hope that Mr. Johnson makes a swift recovery and I hope that his family are safe and well and wish them well in what must be a very difficult time for them."

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