Closure Order on Heanor property after anti-social behaviour

A Heanor property which was at the centre of drug dealing, disorderly and violent behaviour has had a Closure Order placed on it by Derby Magistrates.

On Wednesday 3 March 2021, Amber Valley Borough Council, working in partnership with Derbyshire Police and Futures Housing Group obtained the Closure Order for the property.

The lives of residents on the street had been blighted by constant drug dealing, disorderly and violent behaviour over many months by the occupants of the address. 

Closure Orders are made using the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.  A Closure Order prohibits access to a premises for a specified period of time, but not more than 3 months. The premises are closed to all persons including those habitually resident.

The Magistrates were satisfied that the occupants of the premises had engaged in disorder, antisocial behaviour, nuisance and criminal activity and if the Closure Order was not made this activity was likely to continue. The Magistrates granted the Closure Order for 3 months.

Councillor Fay Atkinson, deputy cabinet member for community safety said: "We hope that the sanction given by the court will provide peace of mind for those affected. Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and wherever possible we will use the available legislation to resolve issues affecting our communities. We do not underestimate the impact that drug dealing and associated anti-social behaviour can have on our residents.

"The council works closely with partner agencies and will continue to do so to ensure the safety of the community. Thanks to our community safety team and to the council’s litigation solicitor for driving the legal process through."

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