Amber Valley residents warned about council tax telephone scam

The council has been made aware that fraudsters are calling people to say they are due a refund on their council tax, or even a discount if they pay future tax in advance, and asking them to provide their bank or credit card details.

Amber Valley Borough Council says it would never contact residents in this way and is urging anyone who is suspicious to contact the police by calling 101.

In some cases residents have been asked for their name and address so that a cheque can be sent. This is followed-up by another telephone call claiming to be from their bank, asking them to confirm their banking details.

One man was told that his bill for next year was due now and that unless he paid it in full straight away he could face a £7,000 fine. This is not something the council would ever do.

In other cases residents have been asked for upfront payments to receive a reduction on next year's bill. There is no such reduction scheme.

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