Shopappy is available in Amber Valley’s four market towns

What is Shopappy?

Shopappy works by enabling local independent shops and businesses to show information, products and services they have for sale in your town in one place.

Shopappy aims to encourage you to go into town and use the shops and businesses nearby. But sometimes you do not have time. The site brings all the products and services together into categories, so you can search for items easily, or you can choose browse the products in your favourite shops instead.

If you choose to shop online then when you are ready to pay for your goods, you are given a choice of whether you would like to click and collect from each shop or, if offered, arrange for a delivery. In addition, there are options to book things and order items for postage to loved ones near and far.

Anything you spend online, except bank processing charges, goes to your local businesses. So, it works because together, we can help our local independent shops to stay in our towns. Support your local shops. It is hard for them in a world of online giants and supermarkets. Help strengthen the future for local shops, local businesses and local communities by shopping locally and supporting each other.

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