Amber Valley has enjoyed its markets since 1251 AD when Henry III bestowed a market charter on the 'lands of the manors of Rypeleg, Pentriz and Wystantun in the County of Derby' permitting the holding of a weekly market and annual fair. Since then the market tradition has flourished within Amber Valley.

Amber Valley open air markets provide a valuable variety of shopping, adding life to the towns and communities they serve.

The markets in Ripley and Heanor are managed by the Ripley and Heanor Market Traders Association under the licence from Amber Valley Borough Council.


This market provides a valuable variety of shopping adding to the life of the town and the local community. Both Friday and Saturday open air markets are popular with local shoppers and form a central part of the towns' shopping experience.


This is a lively open air market, open on Friday and Saturday all year round. Value for money shopping for all the family, sweets to clothes and pet supplies to music provides an open air shopping mall right in the centre of the town.


Alfreton has a large indoor market on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every week. Find out more about Alfreton Indoor Market.

Farmers markets

There is a farmers market every 2nd Saturday of each month on Belper market place.

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