Enforcement Tools what can be done to resolve the problem?

Penalty Notices

Fixed penalty notices are generally issued by the Council for environmental crimes such as littering,  dog fouling, fly tipping and fly tipping. Further fixed penalty notices for public order related offences can be issued by PCSO's and the Police. 

Acceptable behaviour contract (ABCs) 

This is a written agreement between the person who has been causing the problems and us the local authority, a Housing Provider) or Derbyshire Constabulary. These contracts are designed to give those involved the chance to acknowledge their actions, and to take responsibility for the impact they've had on others. In some cases, this simple agreement can stop the bad behaviour at an early stage. These contracts explain that the activity must not continue, and explain what will happen if the contract is broken. They aren't legally binding, but they can be referred to in court if the behaviour continues. 

Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs)

An ASBO is a court order banning anti-social behaviour, or preventing entry into an area where problems have occurred. The rules and restrictions of each ASBO are specific to the crimes involved, and they remain in place for a minimum of two years. 

ASBOs are not criminal penalties, so they won't appear on a police record. However, not obeying the rules of an ASBO is a crime, and it can result in a fine or imprisonment.

Dispersal orders 

Groups can be forced to leave an area (disperse) and not return if they are regularly loud, disruptive or destructive.

The 'area' in question can be anything from the space around a cash point to a whole neighbourhood, or even a local authority region. As long as there is strong evidence that those involved have been destructive and intimidating. 

If a dispersal order is issued, the local authority must agree to it and the decision must be published in a local newspaper or in notices posted in the area. After that, the people involved will not be able to return to the location for the length of time set out in the order, which could be months or years.

Contacting our community safety team directly

Our community safety team can be contacted directly on 01773 570222 ext 1652, or emailed at communitysafety@ambervalley.gov.uk. Please note that the extension number and email inbox is only monitored during our office opening hours.

Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 ext 1652 or email communitysafety@ambervalley.gov.uk