Climate change

Climate change refers to changes in the earth's climate that are caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases cause the earth to heat up, which affects global weather patterns, sea levels and the frequency of extreme weather events. Human activities have contributed to increasing levels of greenhouse gases - especially the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas, which release CO2 into the atmosphere.

In order to reduce the challenges posed by climate change, we must reduce the amount of CO2 we produce. This can be achieved by making simple changes to our day to day lives, like using less energy, driving less and recycling more.

What is Amber Valley Borough Council doing about climate change?

Committed to addressing the issue of climate change, Amber Valley Borough Council has declared its aim to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

We are committed to work with partners across the county and region to deliver this goal through all the relevant strategies and include strong references to this emergency in the new Local Plan. It will also ensure that all our town and parish councils are made aware and suggest that they also consider a similar commitment to this emergency. 

As part of our plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, we have approved plans to undertake 16 hectares of new tree planting on existing open spaces and other land owned by the council. In addition to removing 6,400 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, the planting will create a network of new community woodlands and orchards for local residents to enjoy, which would be called "The Amber Valley Forest for the Future". 

You can read more in our action plan linked below.

Climate Emergency UK Scorecards

Climate Emergency UK assessed all UK councils on the actions they've taken towards net zero. The Scorecard assessment consists of 91 questions or less, depending on council type, across 7 different sections, created in consultation with over 90 different organisations and individuals. Each council was marked against these criteria and, unless otherwise stated, council climate action from 1st January 2019 up until 31st March 2023 was assessed. 

You can read full details about the scoring and view Amber Valley Borough Council's Scorecard at

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