Assets of community value

The council received on 26 October 2020 notice of the owner’s intention to sell the former Heanor Grammar School/South East Derbyshire College, Mundy Street, Heanor DE75 7DZ.

As the former Heanor Grammar School/South East Derbyshire College is registered as an asset of community value, the owner may not sell it during the 6 week interim moratorium period, running from the 26 October until 7 December 2020. During this interim moratorium period a community interest group may request in writing to be treated as a potential bidder for the asset; this will bring the full moratorium period into force. The community interest group does not have to provide any evidence of intention or financial resources to make such a bid. A community interest group must have one or more of the following structures:

  • (a) A charity
  • (b) A community interest company
  • (c) A company limited by guarantee that is non profit distributing
  • (d) A community benefit society

If a local community interest group makes a written request to the council during the interim moratorium period to be treated as a potential bidder, the owner may not sell the asset during the full 6 month moratorium (except as permitted).


The council has launched the application process for registering assets of community value in accordance with the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.

Under this scheme, (also known as the 'community right to bid'), the council is required to maintain a register of assets of community value and to put in place a procedure for properties to be added to that register.

This scheme is intended to assist communities to preserve buildings or land that they consider important to their social well being. The benefit of listing community assets is that it effectively "stops the clock" on the sale of assets to allow community groups to make a bid to purchase the asset and so preserve its social value. Such assets may be for instance the local shop, library, pub, heritage building or open space.

It is important to note that there is no preferential right given to community groups to acquire the asset and the landowner is free to sell (or not) to any bidder.

To nominate a property for inclusion on the register, you must be a 'community organisation', in other words private individuals are not eligible to nominate.

Details of those eligible to make nominations are provided in Section 2 of the council's guidance notes.

More detailed guidance and the relevant statutory instrument are also available to view via the following links:

If you would like to nominate premises for inclusion on the register, please download a copy of the nomination form.

There is no charge for nominating a property for addition to the register, however please note that the council will only consider fully completed application forms or applications which contain all the necessary information.

View the list of properties currently on the register

Part 2 of the register includes a list of any properties nominated, but which have not been accepted for inclusion.

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