Amber Valley open for business

As we start to move forward the government has set out aims to ease lockdown restrictions and restart the economy, whilst adhering to the Covid-19 secure guidelines. Amber Valley Borough Council is committed to supporting a safe shopping environment and we have set up this section to help business and shoppers return to the high street safely and in line with social distancing.

You will find business support information along with shopper information and these web pages will be updated as the town centres and shops reopen. Allowing you to return to the high street, work safely and protect shoppers and workers.

You can also raise concerns relating to issues you see relating to your shopping experience in our town centres as they reopen after being closed due to Covid-19. We also want to hear about your positive experiences and share how the shops are supporting you back to the high street and welcoming you safely.

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Need further help or information?

Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 or email